@alexandrasrll is all about community and spreading joy. She eats, drinks, and sleeps longboarding, and is always up to get her feet grooving! Keep your eye open for her


@aimareven is a leader! Fully embracing the culture of longboard dancing, this @_girlsonwheels_ cofounder is generating a movement, not only with her fancy foot work!


@noemi.miljevic skates with elegance, grance, and technicality. Her 3rd place victory at SO 2022 reflects the time and dedication she invests in her passion.


@tristan_de_la_treille makes it look like he isn't even trying. A compact but explosive style will have you dreaming of what you could do on a skateboard.


@sebastien_rambourg goes "de ouf" on his board all day every day! The Flying Frenchman can be seen cruising along on his Tero, but much like a winged dinosaur, most of his time spent on the board is in the air.


@le0ntheli0n 's street-influenced style is apparent in how he gets around town and tears up the park. Mobbing in the streets of NYC, this guy's got tricks.


@facu_.martinez has that latino blood that carries the good dancing gene. Technical combos and fancy footwork are what to look out for from this natural born shredder.


@edu_weber seems to make the board do whatever he wants it too. From flatbar frenzies to street spot destruction, he bring's Brazil's heavy street influence to longboarding.


@banbengler knows skateboarding. His relaxed no-comply wizardry is only made better by how mellow his style is.


@ky.tremmy has quick feet and a playful style that makes longboarding look fun. Catch him skating with his fam on the Hana!


@ethanantoniag has one of those styles that makes you say "I'm glad you swapped a skateboard for a longboard" because man does he have flow. Loose trucks and stylish hucks, baby



@pascal_dhskate is a Berlin born SHREDDER! Get ready to see him send it fast in European mountain passes that will literally leave you speechless!


@garrett_grossman_ can definitely go ape like you wouldn't imagine! Fast freeride and super stylin' hands down slides are what you should be looking out for from this guy, but he's just looking to get a Taco at the bottom of the run.


@peiotl goes HAM on corners. Catch him in France and in the Basque Country tearing up the pavement with his eyes on fire.


@miniz_efl is another of the vets! President of @euskal_freeride_longboard, this dude's heavy wrist style makes longboarding look easy as pie


@by_deivid has been on the team for quite few years now. It seems as though he's been practicing his squat slides the whole time cause he's got them on LOCK


@poudjiam This cannonball focuses on those apexes like his life depends on it, and it does cause he SENDS it


@gagnonmathieu_ not only ensures you get a good shot, but he also makes your jaw drop.


@graelonwheels is one of the most eager people we know. Always down to ride, he's keen to point his board stright down the hill and get to the bottom as quick as he can.


@aerolouid is indescribable. Soft and loose trucks with such a tight style, he shreds even the fastest of runs without fear. As his friends call him, he's "un esti de cinglé"

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